5 Top Python online training resources

Have you started learning computer science? If yes, you are the right place. Python programming is one of the core subjects in Computer Science. It’s used in many domains such as web development, data sciences, machine learning and many more. Python programming has also become one of the most popular languages and is also a default language for many applications of the recent trends in computer science and technology.

Python is a language which every computer science student needs to know because even if you know Javascript for developing websites, you eventually learn python. Moreover, learning more than one programming language not only adds up to the strength of your resume but also increases your knowledge.

We give you the best Python courses. Here, there will be professors who conduct Python classes in an unorthodox manner. If you are a beginner, do not worry. You will be imparted with knowledge with the help of Python programming classes which are beneficial for beginners.

1. Python Bootcamp: Go from zero to hero in Python

This is the most famous course by Udemy. At least 25,000 students have enrolled for this course. On this website, you get to learn Python 3 in a very practical manner. This a comprehensive course and is useful for programmers of all levels. It is a very straight forward course and has proved to be very successful. Here, an instructor will take you through the coding and explain every step of it, by making it easy for you to learn and grasp. A student will undergo quizzes, homework, assignments, notes, and a project at the end of the course to enhance his learning. This also comes at a cheap rate of $10.99 or $9.99 dollars.

2. Python Fundamentals

This is a course by Pluralsight. If you have a membership in Pluralsight, it is one of the best courses offered.

The authors are Austin and Rober have made the course curriculum, fun and wonderful to learn. This is one of the courses where students can learn without getting stressed or bored. The course provides you with content, both offline and online to learn Python so that you don’t need to worry about the OS like Linux, Mac, and any other OS. Moreover, you also have a 10-day free trial. Hurry up and enrol.

3. Complete Python Masterclass

This is another fabulous course by Udemy.  This course also has an instructor to guide you. Tim Bulchaka is a fantastic professor, and it is an audio treat to listen to his classes. He is very passionate and has a lot of experience in teaching and has researched in Python. So, if you are a first timer, you are in the right place. He covers the basics and the particulars in the subject which give you a good understanding of the language. The content which is taught is pretty much the same as the courses which are above, but here, the style differs. Considering his style, he makes the session interesting and makes you love the subject.

Moreover, there are two instructors here, who teach you the concepts. They are Tim Bulchaka and Jean Paul. These two can be contacted personally also for better understanding. These two have an experience put together of more than 60 years. They will help you learn Python, the right way.

4. Python Bible- Everything you need to know in Python

This course by Udemy is based on projects. Every student gets 11 projects and after completing the 11, will they be able to complete the course. This course is for students who enjoy hands-on learning, rather than learning each concept individually. This is a meticulous, comprehensive, and an in-depth course to learn and increase our knowledge. The author is a prize-winning lecturer in Computer science. His name is Ziyad, and he delivers project-based learning. Everything you want to learn to master Python is in this course. You name it from A-Z, the course has it.

5. 30 days of Python

Python is the best language for beginners. It has also been proved that it is simpler, as compared to Java. Here, we learn the logic and the code to automate stuff and develop websites which are the leading trend. This is a 30-day course, which is very practical and not only for beginners but also for students who know other programming languages. This is for busy developers who want to know more in the least possible time. Using the knowledge gained from this course, you can not only start simple scripts but also complex ones, to automate and complex a program for further details. Here, you will not only learn programs but also learn to test business use cases.

These courses retain the title of ‘the best Python courses’. We have short-listed them for you. Anything from these will be apt for both beginners and programmers who have experience in other languages.

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