7 Ways to Master in Cybersecurity


With the evident increase in cases of cybercrime and hacking all over the world, the need for cybersecurity measures has become undeniable. More and more companies are inclined towards hiring people who have mastered cybersecurity for the sake of securing their business and organization. Cybercrimes have found multiple ways to seep into the structure of any company, retrieving valuable data and affecting transactions. The need of the hour, therefore, is to have expertise in the field of cybersecurity to match up to the many advancements of the hackers and social engineers.

Ways to Master Cybersecurity

In the present times, there is no end to the number of ways in which one can pick up a skill or learn something new. From offline coaching to online courses – people have a wide variety of options in terms of platform, duration, cost, and flexibility when it comes to gaining knowledge and applying it as well.

The same can be said for learning cybersecurity. There are a number of ways in which one can attempt to master this skill. Be it obtaining a requisite degree from a college or attaining cybersecurity certifications online, one has many opportunities. However, there are some chief and easy ways which one must be aware of if one is to proceed on the lines.

1. Build the basics

It is of foremost importance that one develops some basic ideas about cybersecurity first before stepping into the field or before obtaining any kind of formal education in the field. One can try surfing some common sites online for getting a rough idea on the need for cybersecurity measures. One can equip themselves with the various ways, at least the commonly understood ones, by which commercial ventures, as well as individuals, can refrain from being harmed through cybercrimes. A basic idea of cybersecurity is essentially the first step towards mastering it.

2. Formal or technical education

More and more institutes are offering technical degrees to their students in the field of specialization in cybersecurity. This seems a very viable and reasonable choice for anyone who is looking forward to building a career in cybersecurity. The individual can resort to multiple degrees – bachelor’s, master’s, associate’s – and so on. One may also opt for an Online Masters in Cybersecurity course if that seems a better option to him. A formal degree for technical knowledge in the field cannot be beaten. The time and the cost are definitely the drawbacks, but they are superseded by the multiple advantages this option carries.

3. Get an IT certification

There is always going to be a never-ending debate on the greater value between IT certifications or formal degrees when it comes to cybersecurity. There definitely are some areas that do receive impetus when one opts for an IT certification. These are mainly the areas that come with IT expertise – ethical hacking, information systems management and so on. Besides, IT certifications are much more directed towards the profession itself and prepare the individual for real-life situations rather than bookish knowledge.

4. Online cybersecurity courses

Nowadays, there is no end to the number of online platforms that have begun offering online courses on multiple subjects and streams, leave alone cybersecurity. Online courses bring the added convenience of time and energy saving and are at times economical too. With an online course, the individual has the option of choosing exactly which specific subject he wishes to focus on, be it ethical hacking, information and security systems and so on. One can gradually discover which field he or she is more inclined towards. Online courses also offer the individual with the advantage of choosing the time of the course, the pace of the course, and the order in which he would like to cover multiple subjects and topics of the stream. He might put some portion on hold for a few days without losing the opportunity of getting back to it as and when desired.

5. Books

They say that books are man’s best friend. This is rightfully true when one considers the case of learning a new course all by oneself. One might opt to develop skills in cybersecurity all by himself, only by referring to some quality books. Books offer the basic requisites for a person entering into the world of cybersecurity as well as offer him a dynamic progression from informative to communicative knowledge. Books offer multiple stories and events to learn from, insights into the world of cybersecurity, well-structured content and rich factual information. Besides, many people find it more convenient and faster-to-grasp from books rather than their desktops and laptops.

6. Bootcamps

Another great alternative if one wishes to master his skills in cybersecurity would be to enrol themselves in a boot camp. The course offered by the same is well-structured and informative. At the same time, one has the option of better interaction with instructors because of smaller-sized classrooms. Boot camps offer the dual benefit of engaging in theoretical learning like IT certifications, as well as experiencing some degree of exposure to the real world by means of networking and hands-on experiences. Boot camps are an affordable option too, for someone who doesn’t wish to invest too much in obtaining a formal degree from a college or technical institution.

7. Work experience

Nothing can beat a taste of the real-world if one wishes to master his sense and skill in cybersecurity. Without a doubt, one cannot opt out of learning the basics. However, the best way of learning and mastering cybersecurity would be to land in the market itself and understand the nitty-gritty of real-life situations.

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