20 Hot Blockchain Startups that are looking to hire!

Are you passionate about working in the field of cutting-edge technologies that promise to redefine how financial markets would function in the future and how contracts will be executed!

Do you envision a new tech world where instead of a few tech giants owning private data, the data owners have an ultimate say on who, when and how one can use their private information? Do you dream about the power of having decentralized yet secure databases that are available for access to anyone, but with proper authorization?

If all of this sounds exciting, you will find yourself most welcome to explore the many hot Blockchain Startups operating in different pockets of the mainland of the bay area, including but not limited to New York, Boston, and Dallas among other major US cities.

While the concept of Blockchain had been in existence within academic circles for a few decades, it became prominent in tech mainstream around 2009 when Satoshi Nakamoto used it for defining Bitcoin, world’s first cryptocurrency. Based on the principle where the last block in a chain contains a hash of the previous block, a secure chain is created.  Any activities such as a change to a block within the chain system would result in an invalid chain. The blocks themselves can contain any form of data such as ledger transactions, medical history records, private data, etc. Blockchain technology is redefining data mining and management in more ways than one, and the Blockchain industry is in need of new talent. This article aims to shed light on career openings in the Blockchain sector. Read further to know more.

So what Blockchain Startups are hiring?

Here, we present a list of hot Blockchain Companies and Startups that are churning out some cool applications using Blockchain Technologies for the benefit of different industries and sectors.

In order to get a coveted job as a Blockchain Developer, you ought to have a sound knowledge of data structures, and crypto technologies. It is normative for Startups to be comfortable with hiring a candidate based on a loose fit, as long as you can demonstrate a will to pick up additional skills that are needed for your job.

Alternatively, if you happen to an experienced Blockchain developer on the quest for your next exciting gig, many of these startups would also be willing to bring you on as an architect, or a co-founder CTO, with exciting perks and equity. Cannot get better than that, can it?

1. Ethereum Classic Labs (ETC Labs)

Based in San Francisco, California, Ethereum Classic Labs is a company that works towards research and development in the field of Blockchain and related domains. Presently, ETC Labs Core team is aiming to expand its employee base in the USA and, for that purpose, is looking for Blockchain developers who can work at the protocol level.

The company’s vision is to develop technologies and software which could truly enhance the Blockchain industry. The aim is to formulate ways in which the fullest potential of an immutable public Blockchain may be realized by the users.

Their ideal candidate should have a sound knowledge of Rust, Golang, Solidity, virtual machines, C+ and the likes. You are expected to have a knack for solving complex issues with regard to the Blockchain, Ethereum platforms, as well as, smart contracts. You would also be required to contribute to undertakings which deal with the scalability and the interoperability between ETH, which is a virtual machine and ETC, which is a platform that enables the building of Apps.

2. Hoard

Hoard is a blockchain consulting company which has developed a blockchain based mobile wallet which, according to the company’s landing page, can be used for both “cash and cryptocurrency”. Apart from sending and receiving cryptocurrency, the application also allows users to trade in cryptos. Based in Charlotte, Hoard is in the process of hiring blockchain developers with skills in cryptography, Ethereum, and Solidity based on a sound grasp of Cryptocurrency.

3. Blockchains, LLC

Although they refer to the work they do as a movement, this is a blockchain startup which is brimming with the promise of turning into one of the most influential blockchain companies in the near future.

Presently, they are in search of an experienced blockchain developer in the city of Sparks, in Nevada. The ideal candidate must have the ability to think out of the box when it comes to coding and must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the Computer sciences. Moreover, the prospective candidate is expected to have five years of experience in development and significant preexposure to high volume codebases and open-source projects. Obviously, he/she should have in-depth knowledge of blockchain, cryptography, P2P networks, and the likes.

4. Sara Technologies

Next on this list of blockchain companies is Sara Technologies, a blockchain startup based in the United States. They are on the manhunt for experienced solidity developers who can work on Ethereum platforms and have substantial knowledge with regard to smart contracts.

Moreover, they demand the candidate’s adequate exposure to DevOps tools and other blockchain testing tools like Embark, Truffle and so on.

As an employee, you would be required to work with a team of developers who are responsible for the development of apps which can be used by their client organizations. Apart from the responsibilities of the development, at times, you might be required to train clients or other internal teams with regard to blockchain elements of various kinds.

5. Bodhi Foundation

On a hiring spree in San Mateo, USA, Bodhi Foundation is among the fast-growing blockchain startups, that has already acquired an international customer base. Since their inception in 2017, they have become one of few blockchain companies which have been in the news for positive reasons, by raising $10 million prior to their ICO launch.

To strengthen their base, they are looking for backend engineers who have a minimum of 2 years of experience in this field. The candidate must have a sound knowledge of the nuances of the blockchain technology. He/she should also be well versed in computer languages like node.js, python and so on. Additionally, the experience of working with NoSQL database is a prerequisite.

6. Axoni

Axoni is a blockchain startup which focuses on the development of blockchain solutions specifically for the finance industry. Having worked with many of the world’s most reputed financial firms; they are now expanding their team with a blockchain research scientist to join their New York office.

As a prerequisite, the candidate must be a Ph.D. degree holder in the computer sciences or any of the related fields thereof and would be required to conduct extensive research in the fields of data models, scalability, security, and reliability among other areas. You must also have strong knowledge of the theories of cryptocurrency, alongside those of databases and distributed systems among others.

7. Nutanix

The rapid growth of this blockchain startup has been something for other blockchain companies to watch out for. Presently, they are in need of a blockchain engineer in San Jose, who would oversee the development process of various APIs. In doing so, the candidate would be responsible for building libraries to enable the interactions within a variety of blockchains.

The candidate must have more than five years of experience and adequate knowledge with regard to the various languages and aspects related to blockchain developing and implementation.

8. Expa

The primary function of this blockchain startup from San Francisco is to help entrepreneurs in getting a startup off the ground. They are presently looking for Blockchain Technical Leads who would have the tenacity and the capacity to transform the crypto world.

If selected, the candidate would be required to lead a team working towards the holistic development of the blockchain community. He/she must have more than ten years of experience in the field of development. He/she must have a strong hold over C, C++, Haskell, IPFS and so on. The candidate must also be adept at dealing with distributed databases, voluminous transactions, and networking protocols.

9. Thirsty Sprout

This is a blockchain startup based in Seattle which works for the development of smart contracts with the solidity platform and others. They are presently hiring an addition to their team of developers.

If selected, you would be working directly under the company’s Head of Technology, along with other project managers and developers. You must have experience of working in the field of computer engineering for at least five to ten years. Furthermore, 1-2 years of specific experience in the blockchain industry is also required.

10. Huobi

The next entry in this ‘blockchain companies list is, in fact, one of the largest digital asset exchange platforms in the world. They are on a hiring quest to expand their software team in Sunnyvale and are hiring engineers for the express purpose.

Making use of high-end blockchain technologies, you would be required to develop apps and other tools. You are expected to have a working experience of 3+ years in the field of software development. Alongside which, you must have a strong knowledge of the computer languages, blockchain platforms and a degree in computers or mathematics.

11. CoinFund

With its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, CoinFund is an investment firm dealing in crypto-assets, founded in 2015. They are advancing the blockchain ecosystem by tactically capitalizing in on the decentralized stack and key financial infrastructure, a set of functions furthered by their extensive blockchain technology expertise.

12 Patientory, Inc

Patientory, Inc is a company with a reputation for excellence in health tech acceleration having an information management tool and social engagement platform for the express purpose of allowing people to manage and store their health data. Additionally, it helps people connect to other people having similar health issues and health concerns. Patientory intends to use the power of blockchain to create a secure repository of all health information and records of a patient wherein only the patient has the ultimate say on who has access to that information.

13. Tendermint

Tendermint is a San Francisco based blockchain startup aiming to build the foundation for decentralized internet protocols based on the vision to create a better, more secure and free internet for the future. Check out the latest blockchain jobs at https://tendermint.com/careers

14 MoGVL

A Seattle based Blockchain startup, MoGVL wants to simplify and secure the distribution of royalty-based payments for music and other licensed work. It aims to use Blockchain for automated royalty distribution, and maintenance of a tamper-proof ledger of transactions. MoGVL is looking to hire a full-stack developer with experience in Blockchain and the right attitude to work in an exciting startup.

15 Spotping

Believe in giving the users absolute control of their private data while harnessing the same data to see relevant ads? Then look no further than Spotping, which is offering a CTO / Full-Stack Developer gig for an experienced Blockchain Developer. Spotping aims to develop privacy and consumer-centric location-based ads platform. It’s based in Dallas, so not only do you get to run the show in this Blockchain heavy startup, but also enjoy the good ‘ol southern hospitality.

16 Remote.com

Believe in remote jobs? Then here is your chance to help out this startup with your blockchain skills.  Remote.com connects over 2 million professionals worldwide who prefer remote jobs more than anything else. Remote.com is currently looking to hire a senior blockchain engineer. Remote.com is based in San Francisco but is absolutely okay with you being remote.

17 GlobalEdge.io

Would you like to harness your Blockchain skills for the benefit of the airline and travel industry? GlobalEdge.io is a blockchain startup developing a platform that will enable a single source of truth for every travel ticket accessible to every participating stakeholder in the global travel industry, including single identity management for all global travel. GlobalEdge is hiring for a hyper ledger architect/co-founder, based in New York or Atlanta but okay with being remote.

18 Seedess

Seedes is a Miami based blockchain startup that is developing a serverless, decentralized video streaming network. Seedes is hoping to hire an experienced Blockchain architect as their CTO with additional experiences in Web RTC and BitTorrent.

19 RealBlocks

RealBlocks is a blockchain platform focussed on real estate that leverages blockchain technologies for enabling seamless fundraising and investments. Based in New York, RealBlocks is on the lookout for a senior engineer who has a full stack of skills including experience in encryption technologies, blockchain, design patterns, and smart contracts.

20 ArtBot

Finally, if you love both YouTube and Spotify, you have a hybrid in the form of ArtBot. ArtBot aims to create a decentralized video and audio sharing platform that duly rewards the creators and consumers, as well as advertisers. ArtBot is currently hiring a Blockchain developer to help achieve its vision for a platform that provides better rewards to the artists than what is possible today with the centralized delivery mechanism which is in the grasp of a handful of players.

In conclusion, one hopes that you have made it thus far into this Blockchain recruitments bulletin and can acknowledge the fact that the possibilities of Blockchain in so many diverse industries and sectors are truly exciting. While the Blockchain movement initiated within the financial sector, blockchain today makes for a great career option across many different industries and sectors. Do check out these startups to learn more about what they do and how you can join them to make an impact as a blockchain developer!

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