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A Blockchain explorer is a kind of browser that is used to explore Blockchain similarly as a search engine like Google Chrome which is used to search web pages. All the blockchain users rely on the blockchain explorers to track out all their transactions. These browsers provide much more information rather than just tracking out the operation.

It is also a handy tool for cryptocurrency as it is useful in diagnosing any possible problem that you may face while you are sending or receiving the coin. You can also keep track of the statistical information, for instance, the accounts having most coins present in them.

In this blog, we would be covering different aspects of Blockchain explorer.

So, give your couple of minutes, and you will have plenty of takeaways from this blog.

What is a Blockchain Explorer?

A blockchain explorer is an online blockchain browser that is useful in displaying different contents of Bitcoin transactions and blocks as well as transaction histories.

But, you should keep one thing in mind that you can’t use a block explorer for a particular blockchain if it is not suitable for it.

Why are Block Explorers important?

Blockchain is known as the decentralized technology that enables the immutable and transparent transactions. Until and unless blockchain is interpretable and accessible by the common person, it may not be beneficial at all.

Hence, Block Explorer is used as a user interface where the internet users can easily have access to the back-end occurrences of the blockchain transaction. This is quite beneficial as it enables the system auditability and further eliminates data storing having a considerable transaction volume.

What are the things that can be done with Blockchain Explorer?

There are a lot of benefits of using a block explorer. Some of them have been mentioned below:-

1. Blocks Feed

With Block explorer, mined blocks can be easily explored on Bitcoin Blockchain. It can also provide you with live feeds of the blocks that have been added up recently.

2. Transaction Feed

Block explorers can be used to explore the transaction of any block that has been mined and perhaps attached to Bitcoin blockchain.

3. Transaction History

With the assistance of block explorer, you can quickly look out for the history of a particular Bitcoin address and audit the balance, transactions, etc.

4. Change address & Receiving address

A Bitcoin block explorer can be used in revealing the receiving address as well as the change address of the Bitcoin.

5. Orphaned Blocks

With block explorer, you can quickly look out for the blocks that are orphaned and perhaps the one that is not attached to Bitcoin blockchain.

Which Blockchain Explorer can be most beneficial for you?

There are a lot of blockchain explorers available in the market. But, we have jotted down the explorers that can be beneficial for you.

1. Blockchain.info

Blockchain.info can come quite handy if you want to have a complete market overview. You would easily be able to look out who is trading, mining and how much they are being paid. Besides this, you would also be able to see that current price of bitcoin alongside its value over a period of time.

This site sits comfortably at the number 1 spot in terms of a digital wallet. Currently, it is having more than 15 million wallets present on the site. So, if you are looking for a block explorer than can cover up all dimensions, then look no further than Blockchain.info.

2. Blockexplorer.com

With Blockexplorer.com, you can quickly get a constant flow of transactions across the blockchain platform. So, if you someone who wants to have a real-time view of operations across ledger, then this site is the way to go.

You will quickly come to know about the transactions speeds as well as the bitcoin that is being sent in real time. Using this, you can soon look out for the address as well as search for a particular block.

3. Blockonomics.co

If you are someone who wants information about the bitcoin wallet, transaction, etc., then you can ideally opt for Blockonomics.co. It is quite handy as it will provide you with all the essential numbers that you may need. With this site, you can also easily track multiple transaction ids. All that you would have to do is enter the list and perhaps separate them with space.

This site is particularly useful for someone who wants to get specific information fast rather than getting a detailed report in terms of blockchain.

Final words

Block explorers are extremely useful these days as it can efficiently help you out to have a glance at the money, ledger activity, real-time view or perhaps getting in-depth analysis alongside graphs.

Besides this, it can very well help to track out the market, and you can also efficiently look over all your transactions. It also comes with additional feature such as hosted wallet which offers extra bonuses.

So, that’s all from our side in the context of Blockchain explorer. So, if you have found this blog informative, then do share it among your family, friends, and relatives. Also, if you have any questions to ask, then do write down in the comment box below.

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