Here are the Top 5 best places to learn Blockchain

After every few years, there comes a technology that revolutionizes everything- First, it was the camera, then computer, then smartphone, so on… So, what now?

Well, I truly believe that it’s the Blockchain that is going to be the next big thing and will change everything around us.

Banking, healthcare, education, politics- you just name it! Believe it or not! But Blockchain is a kind of technology that has the potential to disrupt every industry in coming time. And now is the time to learn everything about it.

Today, we will tell you where you can learn about Blockchain. There are many online courses, universities, and training centers that provide interactive Blockchain tutorials and training and we have gathered a list of top 5 best places to learn Blockchain.

So without wasting any minute, let’s get started:

1. Byte academy

If you are looking for blockchain technology tutorial, then look no further than Byte academy. It’s a 12-week program and the students can easily access the course online. Furthermore, the students would be able to build their own blockchain and perhaps create their own cryptocurrency in a hassle free-way.

The course covers the entire keys and addresses, blockchain platforms, assets and tokenization, smart contracts and development, cryptocurrency, decentralized applications, regulatory environment, etc. to name a few.

The best part about this academy is the fact that the students can easily get to experience hackathons, workshops, conferences, networking and a lot more.

2. B9 Lab

B9 lab teaches top-notch bitcoin blockchain tutorial. B9 lab program consists of 12 weeks and the students can access it on a part-time or full-time basis through the online medium. Additionally, it teaches Ethereum, Blockchain, Hyperledger fabric and much more variety of courses.

It also aims to provide different kinds of blockchain technologies and it doesn’t favor a particular technology stack such that the students get a well-rounded and balanced educational experience.

The only criteria of this academy is that the students need to have at least one year of hands-on experience as a developer before applying for this particular course. The best part about this academy is that the students get personalized support for professional growth as industry -experienced instructors provide active tutoring to the students.

3. Acadgild

Acadgild provides best in class blockchain training to the students from all geographic location. The course spans over 12 weeks and the students can have access to it through the online medium.

Acadgild’s Academy teaches the students about the solidity codes, EVM architecture, writing smart contracts through Ethereum, Truffle, Spark solidity to name a few.

The best part about this academy is that it helps the students a lot in their career preparation by conducting a series of resume building and mock interviews.

4.    Accelerate

Accelerate blockchain course guides the students about the fundamental of Blockchain and Ethereum. Besides this, it also teaches the students about the security concerns in solidity smart contracts and different ways through which decentralized applications can be developed which includes front end interfaces such that interaction with smart contracts can be easily done.

The Accelerate program offers practical hands-on experience such that the students are job ready. Also, it is one of the best blockchain interactive tutorials for the students. The duration of the course is 4 weeks and students can do it on a part-time basis.

5. The DEN

The DEN course curriculum has been designed and developed alongside CEO’s, CTO’s, and other hiring leads with the aim of providing job-ready students. The entire course covers building real solutions and developing products in the decentralized environment.

The best thing about the DEN course is the fact that the students can have easy access to the alumni network, portfolio feedbacks, weekly coding sessions which help them to grow professionally. The duration of the entire course is 6 weeks and the students can do it on a part-time basis.

Final verdict

Blockchain is quite a demanding career and it has a great scope in the years to come. So, above is the list of the top 5 places where the students can easily learn about the blockchain technology. Students should definitely look at the academy mentioned above and further enroll in this academy to improve their skills sets in terms of blockchain technology such that they are job ready.

If you have any queries or if you know any better medium for blockchain learning, then do let us know in the comment box below.

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